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The Eagle’s Way


In the Eagle’s Way, Peter Johnston, a GP looking back over 60 years involvement in healthcare, notes the amazing advances in medicine, but also the advent of a large array of complementary therapies. He outlines 140 of these, while acknowledging most of them will never fit into the current scientific method. Nevertheless, healthcare systems involving the mind-body-consciousness connection operate in accord with the new Scientific Paradigm, underpinned by quantum physics and Jungian psychology. By treating disease as a symptom of inner discord, mind-body-consciousness therapies explore the underlying and usually unrecognised causes of disease which lie in the realm of repressed emotions. Complementary therapies embrace illness while conventional medical treatments fight it – but both approaches are beneficial and necessary. Love, in the form of compassion, is fundamental to the art of medicine, a contributor to the science of medicine, an essential component of complementary medicine and the central core of holistic and integrative medicine.


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Hardcover, Paperback


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