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Shrubs is an independent publishing and marketing firm that was built to help authors hit the right target market and maximize book exposure. The goal that we have is to take AUTHORS out of competition by putting them in an avenue where most authors are not going. We are composed of highly trained marketing consultants with more than 10 years of experience in the book industry. We also have contacts in the world of publishing, film, and press media industry that could greatly maximize your book’s potential.

Here at Shrubs, we believe in 3 basic and simple concepts for marketing your book. First, be in the right channel; second, tailor a presentation that is right for the material; and third, make sure that you are talking to the right people. In line with these beliefs, we will never give you false hopes or empty promises. What we can assure you is that we will provide you with the best route to take for your book. It is going to be a reality-based and well-grounded assessment that will enable us to come up with the best marketing approach that will help you hit your target market.

We offer publishing services that bridge the gap between traditional and self-publishing. We aim to showcase budding and professional authors’ work to the world. We highly value your work as it is your masterpiece. Whether it’s your journal, chapbook, or a book – we have a team of professionals that will help you from the consultation stage to the fulfillment stage. Our support goes beyond the publication of your material. Our powerhouse marketing team will make sure that the world knows it exists. We personalize our assistance to each author to build your brand and bring you success. Talk to us then in planning the publication or marketing of your material!

Shrubs Publishing has seen a lot of success stories over the years. We’ve been the backbone of several major publishing companies as a third party vendor. Our decision to become an independent player in the industry is due to the unceasing encouragement of the authors that we’ve worked with.

So then, they are the primary reason that we’ve made it this far. We are committed to continue providing excellent service to the authors who entrusted us with their life’s work. It’s the same commitment that we are making to the new ones that we will work with along this journey.

We are Shrubs Publishing and we value transparency, integrity and excellence!

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