What we offer

Why We Are Different?

You’ll choose us as a partner in the task of publishing and marketing your book for the following reasons:

  • We will let you keep the reins.
    Your book, your plan, your final say. However, we will make sure that you are guided with our professionals every step of the way.
  • We do not discriminate.
    Whatever type of literature (fiction, non-fiction, children’s book, memoir, poetry collection) you have, we will help you with it. We understand that you have invested your precious time in finishing your piece. For that, our highest respect.
  • We will serve you with transparency.
    You will always be updated of your publishing timeline and keep posted of the progress of your marketing plan.

On the right are the services that we offer. We mix and match these services according to every author’s needs.

With us here at Shrubs, you will have a “dedicated publishing consultant and a marketing consultant.” All you need to do is send us your manuscript so we can evaluate it, and then we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a customized publishing and marketing plan.

Publishing Services

(Fulfillment and Design)

Book Cover Design (Front and Back)
Barcode and ISBN

Marketing Services

(Traditional and Digital Marketing)

Optimized Author’s Website
Social Media Campaign Management
Google Banner for Top Book Search
Blogs and Blurbs
Book Video Trailer
Online Magazine Exposure
Guaranteed Bookstore Placement
Social Media Campaign

Get Published Now!

Contact us and we will assign you with a
dedicated publishing consultant and a marketing consultant.