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Healing from the Dilly Bag


Aunty Bilawara’s book offers information to help you get a better understanding of Australian Aboriginal peoples deep connection to Mother Earth and their beliefs about health and wellbeing. She will share with you her wisdoms to help you achieve an increased empathy for the Aboriginal peoples psyche and how they traditionally overcome the effects of illness and injury.

The book carries Aunty Bilawara’s message from her knowledge and teachings as a spiritual healer. She will share with you information on how she uses her knowledge and skills from ancient traditional teaching in a contemporary world. Holistic spiritual healing treats your body, soul and spirit. This is different from western medicine which focuses on parts of the body and mind but ignores the spirit, expecting patients to seek spiritual healing from their religious and cultural organisations. Spiritual healing aims to restore balance for each person in their body, soul and spirit.

Aunty Bilawara Lee: Senior Aboriginal Elders: Healer and Teacher

Aunty Bilawara Lee is a Senior Elder of the Larrakia Nation of Darwin Northern Territory, Australia, and has over 72 years experience with working, living and being part of a vibrant, highly respected Aboriginal family. Aunty Bilawara’s family, her culture and spirituality are fundamental to her identity and are very important for her journey in this lifetime. She has a great passion to combat ignorance and racism and is committed to sharing her knowledge towards achieving these goals.

Aunty Bilawara is acknowledged and respected as a community communicator, healer and teacher of the ancient wisdoms of Aboriginal spirituality and healing. She is the Australian Aboriginal representative on the International Indigenous Grandmothers Council whom are acknowledged and respected as the wisdom keepers of the World of Ancient Sacred Knowledge. Additionally, she is also the Larrakia Academic in Residence for Charles Darwin University, Darwin Northern Territory Australia. She wrote this book in order to impart her expertise on how to practice holistic healing. Healers who are able to use the best of modern medicine together with what is best in traditional healing so they can heal mind, body and spirit. Aunty Bilawara is an international author and popular teacher and workshop presenter on the wisdoms of her ancient teachings, and she has been made a Faculty Member of the Casa de La Luna institute in California USA

In addition to her accomplishments, she is one of the Specialist of the multi award winning Podcast Series : ASK THE SPECIALIST which is free on Spotify. This Podcast series is a follow on from the book Healing from the Dilly Bag.



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Hardcover, Paperback


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